The Purple Sock


Life and Befuddlement

It lies on the parking strip of the neighbor’s house, one forlorn purple sock.  JJ and Benny inspect it.   It’s been two days and no one picked it up.  How does one lone sock get left on a parking strip?


You lost its mate in the laundry room and decided to throw it in the garbage.  Bert the crow picked it up because he likes bright objects.  The sock isn’t edible, so Bert grows hungry leaving it to lie where he tossed it.  But, there’s no other garbage around and Bert likes to throw garbage all over.

Rather than have a garage sale, you put stuff out on the curb.  That’s pretty common around here.  I see chairs, mattresses and desks with a big FREE sign stuck on them.  It rains lots in Seattle which means the stuff is soaked.  I don’t consider a soaked chair a bargain even if…

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